“At the end of the day, what I am is the incomplete and ever changing perception of me – in the minds of others, as well as myself.”  – Me.

If you’ve read the data dump on the right column, you have all the important high points about me.

The point of this web log beyond showcasing my incredibly boring life, is to shine a light on things that I think you might find interesting involving technology, philosophy, geopolitics, and whatever else pops into my head.  While I like to think of myself as opinionated, I do inject a good dose of balance and play devil’s advocate from time to time.  If you think I’m being an ass – by all means let me know in the comments section of the offending post.

The tabs at top will be where I sort out the major themes running through my brain; one man’s organization is another man’s anarchy.  You have been warned.

More Info On Me:

I’ve been pushing around bits and bytes since the early 1980s – first in high school, then on my own…later in college again and finally in my day job.

My greatest accomplishment beyond all of that is my family – two wonderful daughters and a wife who manages to put up with my eccentricities.

I’m a video gaming enthusiast, with thousands of hours in computer flight simulators – and combat flight simulator games including WWIIonline (Battleground Europe), Microsoft Flight Simulator (and its progenitor – Sublogic Flight Simulator 1 and 2), Flight Gear (FOSS flight sim), and a foray into IL2 Forgotten Battles.  I have also been an avid FPS gamer – having spent most of my trigger time in WWIIonline (Battleground Europe), and numerous smaller titles including ARMA, Battlefield series, Tom Clancy franchise: Rainbow6 – Covert Ops – Ghost Recon, and many more older titles in the genre.   I have spent an inordinant amount of time in MMORPGs in many previous lives encompassing the worlds of WOW, EQ, DAOC, and most recently RIFT.  But, I’ve retired from the sword and sorcery realms until something really compelling comes along – (or maybe I’ll build it, who knows?)

My Hardware:

I have numerous computers in various states of repair; I could start a very small computer museum if I was less lazy.  My main workhorse machines are a MacBook Pro and a Mac Mini; I have various other machines – detailed in my ‘LAB’ reference here.  I run Linux, Windows and OSX operating systems at home.

Linux Inside

My Work:

My day job is working for a corporation that shall remain nameless.  At night I search out FOSS projects and mentor programmers, sleuth around the technosphere, and comment on the world around me in my blog, and like Batman – I must hide my identity. Unlike Bruce Wayne, I do not own the corporation in question, so the opinions expressed here by me are my own, and do not reflect in any way official statements of the aforementioned nameless corporation (in the event that my mask is torn off at some point by the Joker).  I will not comment in any specifics related to products or plans of the company I work for or which company I work for – so don’t bother asking.

I would really like to work exclusively for myself, and pay the bills doing it – ideally something related to FOSS or writing.  Post a comment if you have viable ideas along those lines!

Bat Cape and Belt

Some additional randomness:

I’ve composed music and done some multitrack recording in the past with friends – might be doing more in the future.

# End

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