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iPad (3rd Generation) Announced Today!

Okay — I’ll get it over with right now and say, “meh.”  This, you have to understand is from the same person who still owns his original iPad – that I’ve been operating since 3 April 2010 (the earliest the general public had access to them).  I love the fact that I’ve only managed to use about 1/4 of the total 64gb storage space on the thing – even with my complete music collection and a boatload of downloaded books and applications.  I don’t regret going with the WIFI only model (I suspect this saved battery life – and my iPhone serves when I’m out of WIFI range).  There is a lot of life left in this baby – and there isn’t enough reasons for me to switch just yet.

On the other hand, I can see some of the value of the new iPad for some specific use cases that might make others want to consider it:

  • If I were an artist and wanted to draw photorealistic or detailed artwork, or do photo editing the new iPad with it’s Retina high resolution display is a good candidate.  I know doctors did not take up the iPad or iPad2 because the screen did not have the resolution needed to properly interpret medical images.  With the new iPad, perhaps they have the answer to that problem?
  • It’s improved camera makes it a decent candidate also for video blogging – although the form factor is kind of large for that.  My iPhone 4 can do the same in terms of video and pictures, and fits in my pocket.
  • If you opt for the mobile wireless model – you can get the ‘lightening fast’ LTE 4G technology.  Probably nice if you are streaming a movie in high definition to that beautiful screen when out on the road.

But that’s about it.  It is heavier than the iPad2 (to accommodate the 10 hour battery) 1.44 pounds versus 1.33 pounds.  It does have a slightly better CPU.  Overall an incremental upgrade similar to the iPhone 4 to 4S changes.

If you do find the new features worthy of switching from an older iPad, or if you’ve never had an iPad and want the latest and greatest – you can pre-order now from for delivery on 16 March 2012.

As for me, I’m thinking about getting a Kindle Fire for half the price for my kids, and I will continue to love my original iPad.